In a land where ominous competition abounds...

It took more than 10 years for CIPTAASIA WORLDWIDE TO BUILD the house of Seedoubleyou, Melayanise.

Situated at the heart of the Peninsular Melayanise kingdom called Kulolumpur, there lived the Dorhmalayan tribe, courageous and honorable, united in their House of Seedoubleyou. The Dorhmalayans are the knights of out-of-the-box thinking, carefully chosen to be the keepers of great brands and sworn for life on the Shield of Communications to make them greater.

Seedoubleyou houses experience and expertise in various fighting skills of brandworks & advertising, broadcasting & audio visual production, experiential activation as well as ground festivities and public relations.

The Dorhmalayan tribe is under the leadership of its philosophical and ever-clairvoyant sovereign, Lord Troubleshooter. He is the founder of the House of Seedoubleyou. His able lieutenants include Lord D-nary silent in motion, loud in opinion and Princess D-yan loud in motion, silent in plotting the conquest, while the magus Samael the beast of a giant slayer was made the keeper of the Dorhmalayan digital world.

Among the array of war weapons, the Dorhmalayans offer Branding Custodianship - a service in providing the ideal brandmanship or at best a king maker to many aspiring brands in the market place, Kulolumpur and many moons across the ocean.

The House of Seedoubleyou also provides Cam-Edith, a feature motion capture weaponry and broadcast hit-maker complete with 3D animatics as well as full throttle swords of special effects.

Additionally, Dorhmalayans are happy mudslingers in experiential activation in all of the Peninsular Melayanise kingdom, albeit - for celebratory occasions or any mega unifications in the kingdom or across any lands that the mind can vision.

Dorhmalayans believe in the saying, "He knows not his own strength that hath not met adversity." A mantra that explains the spirit to fight for the betterment of brands in any given situation that they are fighting for, either the dark world of the warlords or the light of the dragon fairies. Only in the triumph of the unjust, will one know the power within. Among the brands that the Dorhmalayan tribe has handled and thrusted for glory are:
Dorhmalayans are not only knights that stand opposed in guarded mode, they are actually friendly in nature. Call upon any of the knights, if you will, to inquire about the kingdom or if you simply desire a drink or two of the Teh-Tarik - a magical broth that is concocted to tame any slayer from any land, and you will know the warmth of the knights in shining armor.

All brands are welcome to fight for their kingship. All knights are ready, able to take any brands to the next level. Come in, if you are ready.

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